AGGREGATES Trust Pacific Leopard International Trading Inc. as your reliable partner for all your aggregates needs.

At Pacific Leopard International Trading Inc., we specialize in providing high-quality aggregates to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Our comprehensive range includes 1/4-inch (sifting), 1/2-inch, 1-inch, and 1.5-inch aggregates. Additionally, we provide the flexibility to customize sizes to suit your specific project requirements. Efficient delivery is another aspect that sets us apart. With our own fleet of vehicles and barges, we offer prompt and reliable delivery services. We understand the importance of timely supply in the construction industry, and our efficient logistics capabilities ensure that your aggregates reach your project sites on schedule. Notably, our quarrying operations encompass removing pre-crushed waste rock from the stockpile reserves in Omai. As such, PLITI’s quarry registers the lowest environmental impact as there is no blasting or drilling operations done. We also invest in responsible processing methods to preserve the natural surroundings.

¼ inch (sifting) stones: Our sifting stones, also known as fine aggregates, are finely crushed and screened to provide a smooth texture. They are perfect for applications that require precise grading, such as road surfacing and concrete production. They have consistent grading, improved work-ability, and enhanced finish.
½ inch (12.7mm) stones: Our half-inch stones are precisely sized, crushed aggregates that are ideal for various construction purposes. They provide a stable base for walkways, driveways, and concrete applications, drainage and more. They are featured with uniform size, excellent compaction, and high load-bearing capacity.
1 inch (25.4mm) stones: Our 1 inch stones are versatile aggregates that offer strength and stability for a wide range of construction projects. They are commonly used as a base material for roads, foundations, pathways, pipe bedding and more. They are strong, durable, and of excellent drainage properties.
1.5 inch (38.1mm) stones: Our 1.5 inch stones offer impeccable quality and durability for a wide range of industrial projects. They are also commonly used as a base material for landscaping, roads, foundations, pathways, and more. We employ advanced techniques and adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure that every product meets the highest standards of strength and aesthetics.
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